How to measure cabinet openings and order correctly sized single or double-doors

How to measure for replacement kitchen cabinet doors

This video will demonstrate the proper measurement of existing cabinet face-frames to order correctly sized replacement kitchen cabinet doors.

Hi, my name’s Brady and I’ll show how to measure cabinet openings, and how to order either single or double cabinet doors to cover those openings.

We’ll use a sample face-frame in this exercise for the measurements, and an animation will illustrate how the cabinet doors will “Overlay” the opening.

We’ll also show the formula for calculating the size of either a single door or double doors needed for that opening.

We’ll start with a single door.

Measure the width and height of the cabinet opening.

The video shows this process. In the case of our face-frame, the opening width is 11-inches and the height is 13-inches.

The most common cabinet design has the doors slightly larger than the opening. This is called the Overlay, and the most common overlay is ½-inch.

½-inch overlay means the door is larger, or overlays the opening at the top, bottom, left, and right by ½-inch.

The animation shows the outline of a single door, sized to fit this opening. Notice the ½-inch overlay.

The formula for calculating the size of a ½-inch overlay door is shown.

Now we’ll show the outlines of double doors, properly sized to cover our sample opening.

Double doors only overlay the face frame on three sides, instead of all four sides, as with single doors.

The formula for double doors is also shown.

Notice that the double door formula subtracts 1/16-inch from the calculated width of each double door.

This is necessary to prevent double doors from touching in the center when high humidity conditions have caused the door to slightly expand.

Although ½-inch overlay is the most common, other overlays may be encountered.

If the cabinet doors you are replacing have a different overlay, like 5/8-inch or 3/8-inch, the formulas will still work and will correctly size your new cabinet doors.

Just replace the “1/2-inch” in the formula with the overlay you intend to use.

Keep in mind that concealed hinges have different models for different overlays and the correct hinge must be ordered.

We carry the top quality, self-closing Blum Hinges, and we’re also able to drill the hinge pockets in your new doors.

Now that you can see how easy it really is to determine the exact sizes of each of your new cabinet doors, you won’t need to pay to have the Big-box store take the measurements for you.

You also won’t have to pay the Big-box prices for your replacement cabinet doors.

We are one of the largest manufacturers of cabinet doors in the country, and we supply cabinet doors to several retail chain stores, dozens of home builders, and thousands of cabinet shops, nationwide.

But the best part about you finding the actual manufacturer is the price.

When retail stores buy from the manufacturer, they have to increase the price to cover all the retail costs. Costs like store rent, salaries, utilities, accounting, taxes, and profit.

When you but factory-direct you won’t be paying these retail store costs.

You also won’t be paying sales taxes because out-of-state internet sales aren’t taxed.

The bottom line is that cabinet doors ordered from the actual manufacturer will cost half the retail price.

That’s right, the retail marketing chain with all the associated costs will double the price the factory charges for new cabinet doors.

Now you have the choice. You can continue to buy retail from the bog-box stores and pay double, or you can buy factory-direct and save HALF.

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